Open Management®

The Open Management® training program is designed for top managers, senior managers, HR professionals and other professionals who are interested in labor psychology and want to acquire scientific and practical knowledge for managing people. The program is designed for managers who need to focus on talent development and coaching in their work, who are interested in employee psychosocial care and mental health at work and psychosocial risks in the workplace. The program is suitable for managers who are committed to mediating workplace conflict, fostering collaboration, enhancing performance, and other areas of management psychology.

The Open Management® programme is a basic training programme in personal development and labour psychology. Its methodology and didactics are anchored in psychosocial training, self-experience techniques from diverse psychological orientations, and theoretical modules from the fields of work psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and the systemic schools. Open Management® is a framework for all leaders who believe and want to work in the Manager-as-Coach model.

The full programme consists of 20 days in total and is divided into 10 two-day units and 1 day of final exams (elective). It is one of our most popular management education programs as it concentrates the most essential elements of the 600-hour MBA program in a fast-paced practical implementation. It is the ideal choice for those who need to quickly learn practical psychological skills and cannot commit to a five-semester MBA program.

The programme was accredited by the  Czech Ministry of Education and is a member of the Business Graduates Association in London:

Students and graduates of the Open Management® programme become automatic members of the London-based British Business Graduates Association (BGA) and pay no membership fees, while enjoying all the benefits of BGA membership free of charge by logging in with the Made in Czechoslovakia code on the BGA user interface. In case the Open Management® programme is under the three-year accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic at the time of the programme, its students take the state re-qualification exam. The employer therefore provides its employees with the opportunity to improve their qualifications through this programme. The last valid accreditation is the accreditation under reference number MSMT-14287/2016-1/399 called “COACH”.  By passing the prescribed state examinations, the student obtains a Certificate of Re-qualification within the framework of the state educational policy of increasing competitiveness in the labour market. Thus, the program is not only a nice bonus in the internal personnel care policy, it is also an investment in the employee’s potential and an articulation of the employee’s value to the company or organization.