Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o.

We are specialists in occupational mental health and prevention of corporate psychopathy.

We organize 1. European conference on Mental Health
at Work, Psychosocial Risks and Corporate Psychopathy.

In more than 10 years on the market we have successfully managed:

  • 1.400+
    days of completed courses
  • 10.000+
    hours of psychological consultation (each instructor)
  • 15.000+
    hours of completed training for our clients
  • 300+
    Graduates of Open Management training
  • 5000+
    hours of in-house instructor training
  • 40+
    graduates of the Greater Training (formerly World Business Coach)
  • 15+
    companies (that we are monitoring long-term)
  • 800+
    graduates of short-term psychology courses

Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o.

Get Your Education at Made in Czechoslovakia!

Comparison of our education programmes

  • Open Management®

    The most popular program in last 15 years with more then 300 graduates. Labor Psychology, Coaching in organizations and Team Development - all in one!
    • 1 year (160 teaching hours)
    • 20 days (2 days, once in a month)
  • MBA in Applied Psychology in Management

    21st Century MBA. Excellent program with business psychology focus for next generation of leaders!
    • 1,5 year (3 semesters)
    • hybrid format (on-line and in-class education and training)
    • 408 hours of study and training, 12 hours of mentoring/supervision, 60 hours of practice
  • HR Academy Made in CS

    Interactive training in psychopathology, psychodiagnostics and developmental psychology for HR professionals.
    • 10 months (150 teaching hours)
    • 20 days (2 days 1× per month)

Learn skills just like psychologists!

At Made in Czechoslovakia, we believe that you have the right to understand the hidden mysteries of psychology, because psychology does not belong only to the specialists.

Psychology is a tool to change society, it is a tool to help us in our lives, be it private or professional. We are not afraid to invite you among us, we are not afraid to show you and explain how to recognize dangerous personalities, how to communicate in conflicts and how to better understand yourself or how to defend yourself against manipulation in the future.

We enjoy developing emotional intelligence, we enjoy guiding people through personal challenges and exploring their motivation, desires, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We can teach you all this too if you are interested and want to learn with us.

Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o.

We will find and eliminate your company’s psychosocial ailments.

Our services

  • Personality profiling

    For key positions in your company
  • Status Scan Inventory

  • Tailor-made Services

    Psychological training and staff training according to client needs

As*hole No more! (not just Xavier Crement’s book)

Demotivated managers after years of impersonal training sessions conducted by mediocre instructors often do not believe in the benefits of psychology training. They see it as power-point presentations about the need for open leadership, about stepping out of comfort zones, and a host of other buzzwords. Managers often don’t know what really belongs in organizational psychology and what is just a fad of modern motivational gurus with fabled fantasies and the celebrities they have worked with.

At Made in Czechoslovakia, we teach evidence-based psychology, personality psychology, team psychology. All of our instructors have over 1000 hours of their own psychological training, have experience in working with managers, teams of doctors, airline crews or worked with patients in psychotherapy in oncology, dialysis, addiction, and similarly challenging places. We are a team of senior professionals who have seen many things with years of experience, still believe in change and we are not burnt out.

Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o.

We will protect your company from corporate psychopathy and toxic leadership.

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Our services are completely confidential, references are provided upon request along with contact information for representatives of our clients. We do not list our clients publicly, our services fall into the niche-business area.

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